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560+ 5 Star Google Reviews

Vocal Sessions was the first company to start recording Video Singing Reels and remains un-beaten on quality

Let us help you create content you're proud of and will help you get in the room for your DREAM JOB!

Your Gateway to the Casting Director's Attention

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Stand Out With The Best Video Singing Reels

Ready to get in the room?

Having a Video Singing Reel has become a necessity in the casting world and Vocal Sessions is the place to go to give you the best chance at standing out above the crowd. 


When you’re submitted for an audition the first thing a casting director wants to see is good quality footage. At Vocal Sessions, we can help you create your best work and something you’re proud to send out.

Key Features:

🎤 Perform on your own terms the songs that you love

🎶 Music Industry Quality Vocal Production

🎥 Crystal-clear 4K footage

🎵 Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere


Your path to securing auditions and agent representation starts here with Vocal Sessions.

Vocal Sessions Leaf

How It Works

We record the audio and visuals simultaneously; ensuring they match perfectly! Treat it as a Live studio recording - no miming here!

You provide your backing tracks in advance via email, along with the specific sections you'd like to record. We handle the track preparation/cutting of music, so you can focus on your craft.

We have plenty of time in the studio and we can repeat takes until we get that perfect take. We'll also watch the takes back in-session to make sure you're 100% happy before moving on.


When choosing your songs, aim for a variety that showcase your vocal strengths and acting-through-song abilities.

Prioritise songs that bring out your absolute best.

On recording day, we concentrate solely on your selected sections. Before recording begins, we'll do a sound check to guarantee optimal headphone levels for a smooth performance.

With cameras rolling, infuse your performance with your inner actor for an engaging visual appeal.

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Vocal Sessions Leaf

Don't Take Our Word For It:
Hear It From Our Clients!


I had the best session creating my singing reel with Jack on Thursday, I really couldn’t recommend Jack enough!


He made me feel so calm, comfortable and confident singing all of my chosen songs and he was just so lovely to work with. I am over the moon with how my singing reel came back and couldn’t have asked for a better day in the studio!



Jack is both inspiring to talk to and phenomenal at understanding and working with your vision for the perfect vocal reel.


The environment is relaxed and comfortable to allow for complete focus on the vocals and performance and leave you happy knowing that the editing is in safe hands to achieve the clearest sound and video quality. If you’re after a vocal reel that stands out, I cannot recommend Vocal Sessions enough!



I cannot recommend recording with Vocal Sessions enough!


The quality of the final result is incredible, and my voice felt completely supported throughout the whole session.


Zero vocal strain, great results! A fantastic vocal reel to upload to Spotlight too for any actors out there. I’ll definitely be back!



Book Your Video Singing Reel or Song Audition Package

Your journey to audition success starts here. Let's capture your talent and wow casting directors. Reserve your spot and let's create a vocal session that speaks volumes.

  • 4 Songs (45 Seconds) | 1 Video

    245 British pounds
  • 3 Songs (1 Minute Each) | 3 Videos

    245 British pounds
Vocal Sessions Leaf
Vocal Sessions Leaf

How To Find Us

Vocal Sessions
12 Buckler Gardens
London, SE9 3BD
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