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What songs should I sing?

Pick songs that show off your vocal ability and acting skills to their absolute best. You want to show variety but don’t do a song just to ‘tick a box’ if it really doesn’t suit you or is not 100% comfortable in your voice. You want to show yourself at your best. Remember this is just a tool to get you in the room.


I can’t get my songs down to 45 seconds, can you help me?

Don’t worry, I know it’s hard to chop a song down but it will be beneficial for the reel if it's short and snappy. Do your best with the cuts but if you’re struggling I will help trim them down with an outsider's perspective.


Can I use backing tracks from YouTube?

The short answer is yes, BUT as long as the quality sounds good and it’s a properly recorded backing track. If it’s a YouTube video of someone playing the piano then it isn’t going to work. The best quality tracks are the ones bought online from places like Karaoke-version and iTunes. The difference in quality is noticeable so it’s worth spending the extra fiver.


Should I use piano tracks or full orchestral tracks?

Both sound great but it really depends on the song. If it’s a soft ballad then maybe a piano track works really nice but if it’s something that usually has full instrumental then I’d go with that to keep the energy.


Can I use a voice note recording from my phone?

No. The quality isn’t good enough. Try and find your tracks to purchase from websites such as or iTunes.


I can’t find a backing track for the song I want to sing.

I would suggest having a track made. There are a few places you can have it done. Online MD is one of them and an Instagram account called ‘Acoustic Backs and Tracks’.


Is there parking at the studio?

Yes, there’s plenty of free parking outside.


What’s your cancellation policy?

If your session is cancelled or rescheduled within 7 days of your booked session then the deposit won’t be refunded. If you cancel more than 7 days before your session then you’ll get a refund on your deposit or it’ll be transferred to your new date.


I’ve had a last minute audition, can I cancel?

Last-minute auditions come up but if it’s within 7 days of your session then you’ll have to re-book and pay a new deposit.


Do you have a cancellation list for an earlier session?

Yes, I have a cancellation WhatsApp group, you can follow this link to join and if a session comes up earlier then we can move you forward:


Can I bring someone with me?

Yes you can bring someone with you.


Can I warm up when I get there?

Yes, I can give you some time before we start recording to warm up, just let me know when you arrive.


What happens if I’m late?

Don’t worry I reserve enough time to cover lateness - I know how unreliable TFL can be and the traffic can be bad!


What if I wake up with a sore throat and can’t sing?

I’d recommend cancelling your session if you can’t sing but you would lose your deposit and have to re-book.


When will I receive my Video Singing Reel?

I aim to get your reel back to you the same week, usually a couple of days after your session,


Can I post my Video Singing Reel on instagram and TikTok?

Yes, as soon as you receive your video you can post it to socials and spotlight.

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